Natausha Spears – National Aesthetics Training Institute



Natausha Spears is an aesthetic nurse who has been in the cosmetic industry for the past 20 years. During that time, she has had the opportunity to work with several physicians and medical spa’s, learning and observing from some of the leading aesthetic physicians and plastic surgeons in the industry.

Natausha graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Zoology, and then went on to continue her education in the field of nursing. Natausha did her injection training in Canada, under leading Canadian Botox injector, Dr. Mark Bailey. She also traveled to California where she had the opportunity to work with and train under renowned plastic surgeon, Steven Mulholland, MD. Over the years, she has continued to take multiple courses and attend aesthetic conferences in order to stay abreast of the latest trends and newest innovations as they arrive on the cosmetic scene.

In September 2009, Natausha opened Injectable Aesthetics, a free-standing medical spa located in north Oklahoma City that focuses on injections of neurotoxins, specifically Botox, and Dermal Fillers. Her desire was to create a setting where patients could come and receive cosmetic treatments from a specialist in the art of injections.

Natausha has been teaching others in the field of aesthetics for 12 years. Natausha worked as an ACE certified speaker and trainer for Allergan (the maker of Botox) for four years and is currently both a national and international educator and trainer for DentaSpa Seminars, as well as other nationally recognized cosmetic companies. Natausha has traveled all over the country, training multiple-specialty physicians and dentists, as well as physician assistants and nurses. She herself has performed over 120,000 aesthetic procedures during her career in non-surgical aesthetics. She sits on the board for the International Academy of Aesthetic Facial Academics (IAAFA), and she is also a member of the Association of the Medical Esthetic Nurse, and the American Aesthetic Nursing Association.

Natausha’s injection experience and successful business skills offer a unique learning environment for each student. She not only trains students, but Natausha also injects full time in her medical spa each week. Her practical applications to injections and her real time experience, give the student a unique look into not only common injection techniques, but what works in the actual practice setting.

Natausha is excited to take her teaching platform to a new level with the introduction of her online training program. Having sought training from many different aesthetic companies over the years, Natausha knows how important it is to find a good source for cosmetic injection training, one that provides the student with not only the skill set needed to perform cosmetic injections of Botox and filler, but also the confidence to apply what is learned in the real world. Her multi-module approach breaks each area down individually and provides not only a syllabus to follow, but also multiple videos and practical application of her injecting each area, so the student is better able to secure the concepts they have just reviewed.

Natausha is no stranger to the world of beauty and aesthetics. She is a former 2003 Mrs. Oklahoma, and continued on to compete nationally in the Mrs. America pageant, where she placed top 10. She is still heavily involved in the pageant organization, and is proud to say that Injectable Aesthetics has had the opportunity to treat many past and current contestants within the USA and America systems. She enjoys reading during her spare time and physical fitness. Natausha has volunteered for several local charities in Oklahoma, including Citizens Caring for Children, Infant Crisis Center, the Jesus House, and currently gives of her time to the Oklahoma Aids Care Fund.